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  1. Maverick Discussions
    I'm still in the market for a Maverick and I'm in a better position than ever. My wife has given me the yellow light, which looks green to me. So, any dealers in Pa or surrounding states have a leftover 2015 Turbo/ Xrs Models? Not interested too much in the base models but will entertain some...
  2. Maverick Discussions
    Alright guys I just sold my '13 commander and am now in the market for a new maverick. I bought my commander right here in south west louisiana but for the maverick I'm up for a little road trip if need be to find the best deal. Does anyone in the area have any dealerships they recommend? I've...
  3. Engine and Drivetrain
    Blew my tranny after only 450 miles and 43 hours. Had the bike for about 8 months while working 7/7. Bought extended warranty and they refuse to cover it. Bike was not rode hard and has seen minimal mud. Put 31" mud tires on for a few weeks but didn't like the way it rode so went back to stock...
1-3 of 4 Results