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ct race worx

  1. Gussets kits are a must!!!!

    Maverick XRC
    Hey everyone. So, I just found out some really bad news. I was cleaning up my rig from the last trip out and found some damage. Didn't think much of it at first, just broken tabs on the radiator housing mount that attaches to the shock mount. I saw many rigs with the same issue at the Sand...
  2. CT Race Worx 72" High Clearance Billet Radius Rod Kit - Installed!

    Maverick X3
    Hello all, I am newer here to the forums, finally figured out how to post (thanks Mega!). I have an XRC Turbo R that I purchased a few months ago and am still newer to driving it. Thus far I have been a bit less than satisfied with the build quality on this thing (you can see my post under...
  3. Ct race worx roof

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    I have a new never installed only test fitted roof from ct race worxs it is a black roof with manta green mounts. the only reason I am selling is because I have an overhead audio system from ssv works that the mounts interfere with. I am trying to get $300 for it which is what is cost from ct...