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  1. Member Introduction
    We just recently purchased a 28 qt Lifetime High Performance cooler and have been using ratchet straps to hold it in but we want something we don't have to undo/redo so what do you guys use? I have Googled and came up empty, all I can find is the mount for RZR which I'm sure we could make work...
  2. Maverick Discussions
    Hi all. There are TONS of posts on this forum and ideas on Google of how to and ideas for mounting both a cargo box and or a cooler on the X3. My question is if anyone knows of a box that is half cargo and half cooler? Meaning the obvious, if you open the lid half the box is an insulated wall...
  3. Assault Industries
    Check out our rugged cooler bags HERE! Use discount code MAVF2020 at checkout! • Available in black and white • Fits up to a 24 cans with ice • Rugged construction • Fade resistent • Tear resistent to 375lbs • Built-in straps and storage pocket • Easy to clean
  4. Maverick X3
    Looking to get a yeti cooler for my Mav, I was thinking about getting the tundra 35 or 45 maybe even the 60 but I down know how well it would fit, anyone have one of these on theirs and could you be so kind and post a picture of it on the car, It will mainly be used for ridding but would be used...
  5. Maverick X3
    what cooler are you using and how do you tiedown it?
  6. Maverick X3
    I'm new to the Can-Am scene, and I'm way more familiar with RZR platform. They have a much nicer and more usable storage "bed" versus any Maverick including the new X3. I particularly like the RZR's bed with the dropped section that coolers fit nicely in. I'm wondering how you X3 riders are...
  7. UTV Inc
    Needing a simple solution to carry some ice cold beverages in your Can Am Maverick or Maverick Max? Well the UTV INC 12 pack cooler rack is the easiest solution! Will attach into the Maverick and Maverick Max LINQ beds with custom UTV INC mounts. These will attach to either the LEFT or RIGHT...
1-7 of 7 Results