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  1. Maverick X3
    Has anybody successfully cleaned their injectors on the X3? I have P0301 codes and crappy California gas and possibly a clutch issue. Prior to this last weekends trip I blew out the clutches, I've replaced the belt, and added a bit of unleaded fuel injection cleaner to the tank. Every time it...
  2. Maverick XMR
    Hey everyone! Having an issue I cannot seem to find any resolution online or this forum for. I blew a belt this summer and it unfortunately took the side cover with it. Had both replaced at a certified Can Am dealer. Had the unit back for approximately 2 hours max and something happened... It...
  3. FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    2014 Stock Mav X xc parts for sale I have some 2014 stock Mav XXC parts for sale: 1. Stock Mav exhaust pipes with Cat, Head Pipe, with mufflers/cans included. $150 2. Stock Mav Primary Clutch with less than 40-60 miles, includes installed recall bolt, $250 3.sold...
  4. Maverick Discussions
    Does anybody know where to buy one of these NASCAR brake rotor fans? I was thinking about putting one on my maverick to cool the belt. Pro systems sells them but their web site is down for repairs.
1-5 of 5 Results