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    About a month ago I e-mailed and called stm with some questions about a clutch setup and I have yet to hear back from them. I was reluctant to buy from them because of this however stm actually has a good website and I had pm' another vender on this forum that never responded. so I got online...
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    Any real world experience with Performance Bolt on Mods for the 1000R? Clutching, Exhaust, Intake, Program, ect...? Stock Intake & Exhaust seem very restricted, clutching seems way off at this elevation (4500ft)? What works ...What doesn't?
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    So where does everyone put the spare drive belt? I have skidoo snowmobiles and there is usually a clip that holds the belt. I looked through the owners manual didn't notice any info on spare drive belt location. I know I could just store it in the glovebox or under the driver's seat but I...