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  1. Carbon Fiber Clutch Housing Liners

    Carbon Fiber Clutch Housing Liners In Stock! X3 Guardian Carbon Fiber Clutch Housing Liner
  2. Do I need clutch tuning with evo 3r tune

    Member Introduction
    About to tune my 19 xds and was wondering if clutch tuning was required. I’m going with a evo 3r 91 octane tune. Also has evo cat delete and v-flow intake. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Maverick Trail Secondary Clutch Failure

    Member Introduction
    I thought it was the belt until I took the cover off and noticed the driven pulley was in the open position. Upon inspection the rollers were broke and I could only find one of them??? So I had to buy some new parts (ironically some are on back ordered-does that mean I'm not the only one with...
  4. 2013 1000 xrs

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    i am in need of a primary and secondary clutch.please let me know if you have one or both you would be willing to sell.thanks
  5. Spanner wrench for primary & secondary clutch

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Anybody know where I can get a pair of spanner wrenches for the primary and secondary clutch for a 2013 Maverick? Part # or dimensions would be great. Thanks, -Mike P.S. I'm not actually new here. My old ID was Miski, I just can't reset my password because I don't have the email address...
  6. Slight Rattling with Primary.

    Maverick X3
    So I have about 400 miles on the car now an noted a slight rattling from the primary clutch at idle and low speed. I never noticed this before and was just wondering if it was a normal thing. I popped open the CVT to check the belt and its fine but did blow quite a bit of silt and dust out of...
  7. Rage 3 primary, STM secondary on 2016 maverick

    Maverick Builds, Projects, How-Tos
    The clutches work great just using around neighborhood but the belt box cover will NOT fit properly over the STM secondary helix. Has anyone encountered this? How can I get the 1/8 clearance I need without destroying the cover? 2016 maverick
  8. Clutch, Re-flash or Exhaust? I know... I know...

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I know this question has been asked a million times BUT the search function is worthless. :sad: I have had my Maverick for about a year now and am looking to do some upgrades. It is currently bone stock other than the DZ sport low. Where to start? Clutches? Computer Re-flash? Exhaust? We...
  9. Help.... Mav Will Not Move....

    Maverick R Max
    Ok I'm in need of some help. Got stuck on a ride last week and smoked my belt. Got pulled out and noticed it bucking (figured glazed belt). Got back to camp and shut it down for the day. Cranked it up the next day and it would not move. Hear a winding noise and it acts like it wanted to...
  10. Dalton Clutch Kit Flyweight Instructions needed

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I have a 2013 Maverick and just getting around to putting the Dalton clutch kit in. I have the Dalton DBM 1000‏ kit and the optional black/violet secondary spring. I have 14" wheels and 30" terminators. I saw the clutch install at Hunterworks but I don't have the flyweight instructions. Does...
  11. 2015 Maverick Turbo Primary Clutch Removal

    Maverick 15-16 XDS/XRS Turbo
    I have tried to find a thread on here describing how to remove the primary clutch from a turbo but haven't had any luck. I have a new Dalton kit and finished the secondary, but cannot figure out how to remove the primary clutch. Do I need a puller as the instructions say? If so, where can I get...
  12. Anybody running STM secondary with stock primary that has Dalton clutch kit??

    Maverick Discussions
    Hey there just wondering if anybody is running a STM secondary with a stock primary? I just bought a STM secondary off a buddy and currently have stock primary with the dalton clutch kit for 28-29.5" tires. Thinking about keeping the stock primary on for now before buying a QSC or Team primary...
  13. 2014 mav max primary clutch only 20 miles on it

    Maverick Discussions
  14. clutches

    Maverick Discussions
    ok need advice on clutching needed do to weight or over all tire diameter.or is it all in the same,my theory is less weight less stress but some say even with less weight taller tires still create stress but to me it all in the end is rotating mass,need professional opinions,i want...
  15. Turbo clutching help??

    Forced Induction
    I just got my Maverick back from my local shop that installs tons of turbos on Rzr's. This was the first Mav he's done. We put the MCX turbo kit on with a team primary and it ran great for about 20 miles. Then it backed the bolt that holds the secondary clutch on. We figured it was just loose, I...
  16. 2014 Stock Mav X xc parts for sale

    FS/WTB - Maverick Parts, Products, Accessories
    2014 Stock Mav X xc parts for sale I have some 2014 stock Mav XXC parts for sale: 1. Stock Mav exhaust pipes with Cat, Head Pipe, with mufflers/cans included. $150 2. Stock Mav Primary Clutch with less than 40-60 miles, includes installed recall bolt, $250 3.sold...
  17. CVT Airflow Performance Test - Stock vs Inline Blower

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Well I finally ran a test on the CVT airflow performance on my 2013 Maverick with stock clutches. I do not have the second air inlet on my machine. I have to apologize for taking so long to do this test (I've been saying I would do this since last year) and I haven't tested all the scenarios I...
  18. Infrared Surface Temperature Gauge For Clutch Belt Monitoring

    Maverick Discussions
    So there are a few threads on temperature gauges to monitor the clutch belt. All the gauges I have seen or read so far measure the air in the clutch housing. I found some information on a infrared surface temperature gauge that is used to monitor tire surface temps. Most of the info I found was...
  19. Stm customer service

    Maverick Discussions
    About a month ago I e-mailed and called stm with some questions about a clutch setup and I have yet to hear back from them. I was reluctant to buy from them because of this however stm actually has a good website and I had pm' another vender on this forum that never responded. so I got online...
  20. Performance mods?

    Maverick Discussions
    Any real world experience with Performance Bolt on Mods for the 1000R? Clutching, Exhaust, Intake, Program, ect...? Stock Intake & Exhaust seem very restricted, clutching seems way off at this elevation (4500ft)? What works ...What doesn't?