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  1. Maverick Discussions
    ok need advice on clutching needed do to weight or over all tire diameter.or is it all in the same,my theory is less weight less stress but some say even with less weight taller tires still create stress but to me it all in the end is rotating mass,need professional opinions,i want...
  2. Maverick Discussions
    Does anybody know where to buy one of these NASCAR brake rotor fans? I was thinking about putting one on my maverick to cool the belt. Pro systems sells them but their web site is down for repairs.
  3. Engine and Drivetrain
    Has anyone done a tutorial post on installing a CVT Temp Gauge? I've searched and not found it. I'm new to the forum and not sure if I'm looking correctly. I see Alba has a kit, but I was thinking of doing my own with a digital gauge. Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results