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  1. Maverick X3
    2021 X3 Turbo RR SS The Air Filter was full of oil and so was the box. I cleaned it out and it seems to be spitting more. Doubt it’s the turbo but not sure at this point. Do You think it’s the turbo? Car only has 810 miles on it. Seeing your opinion. Photos below of the air intake where it was...
  2. Maverick Accessories
    anyone know when theyre getting them back in stock? its been oos siince april. the price went up but no inventory yet.
  3. Maverick XRC
    I added the charge tube that has the bigger 50mm port and BOV RPM 360 but it was really hard to fit and then it kinks between the chargetube and turbo tube.. did i do it wrong? But also im not sure if this was the bext move on a stock motor... feels like i lost power..
  4. Member Introduction
    hello, i have a 2014 xmr with air shocks. omg. i have spent all kinds of money and never seem to get the right parts. i am getting rid of the air shocks since i cant get the compressor to work right. i have got 2 front shocks that are regular (no air) and they are fine but i cant seem to find...
  5. Maverick X3
    Hello, I wanted to see if anyone know a solution. All of a sudden I noticed one day my brake lights didn’t work. My taillights work fine, but no brake lights. Checked for taillight power but don’t get anything. Wanted to see if anyone knows something. If they shorted is there a fuse?? I did...
  6. Member Introduction
    Hey I’m new to this forum. I have a 2019 Maverick Sport XMR. I replaced the OEM halogen lights with LED lights. Now when I turn my high beams on, the low beams go off. Maybe switch or fuse or something?
  7. Member Introduction
    Hey guys, I'm new to the maverick world! I picked up a low mileage maverick xds turbo. Amazing machine but after riding or even running idle for a long period of time (40min +) the machine acts like the battery is dead and will hardly roll over, let it sit 20 minutes, maybe longer and it fires...
  8. Member Introduction
    I have noticed that a couple of the new 2020 195hp X3's local to me are using oil. It appears they are using about a litre every 600 miles from new. Has anyone else seen this also? and if so, does anyone know what is causing this?
  9. FS/WTB - Mavericks
    2019 Can am Maverick Sport 1000R DPS for sale. Only has 1,569 miles/ 120 hours on it. Runs perfect, no issues. After market accessories include: top, full tilt windshield, bluetooth soundbar and rear bumper. Asking $14,000 OBO. Call or text with any questions. Thanks, David 573-513-5386
  10. Engine and Drivetrain
    I have a 2015 Maverick XMR with 1300kms on it. I was riding down the back road at about 70km/hr and heard some grinding noises and the machine bounced around a bit. I pulled over right away and shut the machine off. The machine started fine after that, but when I put it into high, low, reverse...
1-10 of 11 Results