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  1. Engine and Drivetrain
    Anybody else having any issues with 2021 cam x3 barely hit 500 miles, going in to limp mode, code is p2614. Check engine light is on and vehicle wont go over 17mpg. Anybody know a fix. Ive checked all fuses, connections and hoses, everything looks good.
  2. Member Introduction
    So I was riding the other day and my car limit it self to 50mph. I stop to check if anything was wrong when I went to start it and drive again it don’t want to drive the belt keep slipping it said that I needed to put it on low gear. When I got home I took the clutch cover off and the belt look...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hi I bought a powervision v3 from pwr tune. I accidentally ordered it for a 2018 x3 xmr but I needed one for a 2019 x3 xmr. Is there anyway I’m still able to use it?
  4. Member Introduction
    My dad has a 2019 can am maverick x3 it’s has around 70hrs or so and it will get going and sound fine then once you get up to around 40mph it wouldn’t go any faster and the rpms would sky rocket like the belt come off then it would sound like the belt is slipping up and wee bought a new belt...
  5. Maverick Discussions
    I have a can am x3 rc and the cigerete charger has no power really confusing me, if anyone has an idea what this could be thanks
  6. New

    Member Introduction
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  7. BlackMarketUTV
    Love the way this hand made Italian Momo suede steering wheel feels!
  8. Maverick X3
    For us, a half windshield is perfect for summer riding. After we added Intrusion Bars we needed to find a simple way to run our half windshield and also allow for a change to a full windshield in the winter. We did this with about $20 in parts and we did it right. This is easy to do if you...
  9. Maverick X3 Max
    X3 Max front/rear axle fix Hey guys I need some help with trying to adjust my front and rear axles since they are not plunging in/out. I've been adjusting my shocks periodically to get the best ride on specific terrains etc and now all my axles are stiff with no movements. Any suggestions...
  10. Wheels and Tires
    So my X3 XRS is in need of new stickies so I have been looking all around and found a few that I like. Has anyone ran the Pro Armor Crawler tires? If so did you like them and how did they last. I ride in Colorado on rocky trails and in Moab. Is this the tire I need or should I look at...
1-10 of 25 Results