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  1. Hot start issues / bigger battery fix??

    Member Introduction
    Hey guys, I'm new to the maverick world! I picked up a low mileage maverick xds turbo. Amazing machine but after riding or even running idle for a long period of time (40min +) the machine acts like the battery is dead and will hardly roll over, let it sit 20 minutes, maybe longer and it fires...
  2. which drive belt should i buy

    Member Introduction
    Hi i have Mavercik 1000R 2015 and i need to replace the drive belt. I wanted to know which drive belt is best recommended. Im trying to save money but also want somthing good. i heard from friends about the company gates and i wanted to ask you guys if its good company, and maybe you know...
  3. Can I use E85 for a Evo Powersports Stage 3r tune?

    Maverick Discussions
    Hello hooligans! I have an 2018 x3rs. It has the Evolution Powersports 3R tune and all the bits and bobs that go with it. Im using normal NZ fuel, octane 95. I was wondering can i use E85 gas (which is available at the service station just up the road). Will the car adjust to the E85 or...
  4. KWI Clutching - IN STOCK

    Whalen's Speed R&D
    Hello Everyone, We just wanted to let everyone know that we are now stocking KWI's X34 and X36 Clutch Kits. We utilize the X34 Kits with our stock injector, WS160/170 Performance Package and the X36 Kit with our big injector, WS180/200 Package. We worked with KWI directly to offer these...
  5. 2014 can am maverick max over 60k invested loaded!

    FS/WTB - Mavericks
    MY LOSS YOUR GAIN! Madigan Motorsports full cage w/intrusion and A-pillar bars -Full Aluminum Roof with front upper visor. -Full roof rack w/ spare tire and room for tool bags etc. -Can Am LinQ Modular rear bags w/rack extensions. -Upper Rear Light Bar w/2 brake and 1 amber. -Lower front dust...
  6. NEW XDS Line Photo Shoot & Turbo Harness Bar

    TurnKey UTV
    A majority of our new XDS products are finalized and will be shipping within the next 7-10 days. All our new colors are an exact match to the factory. We are offering green, metallic black, white and grey This is only the start to our new XDS line, we have a ton of new products in the works...
  7. ****sema 2014 jaw dropping build must see****

    Maverick Discussions
    Just wanted to drop this off for the world to see we had the pleasure of jumping on this SEMA build for 3p Offroad & Wetsounds adding our 12" lift with Turner eagle 2 axles in front and Turner Evo's in the rear,Custom 4 seater cage, Winch mount front bumper, Winch mount rear bumper ladies and...
  8. A little sneak peak

    West / West Coast Owners
    Put a few hours in on this Saturday, couple more weeks and waiting for parts and it should be ready to go.
  9. Brand New 2013 Can Am Maverick XRS

    FS/WTB - Mavericks
  10. NEW Delrin Bushing Kits

    TurnKey UTV
    Can-Am Maverick Inner Delrin Bushing Kits TurnKey UTV Can-Am Maverick Delrin Bushing Kits. Delrin bushings are the industry standard for professional race teams and organizations worldwide. Aftermarket Delrin bushing kits are a must have for racing or aggressive driving applications. Delrin...
  11. Roll Cage Bungs & Fab Supplies DIY

    TurnKey UTV
    TurnKey UTV Can-Am Maverick & Commander HD Roll Cage Bungs. Our 1.75” Can-Am roll cage bungs are CNC machined in house from the highest quality American Made material available. Cage bungs are machined to accept 1.75” tube and match the Can-Am bolt pattern / thread size located on the chassis...
  12. NEW Maverick BAJA Series Rear Bumper

    TurnKey UTV
    TurnKey UTV Can-Am Maverick BAJA Series Rear Bumper BAJA Series Rear Bumper adds extreme protection, increased chassis strength and aggressive styling to your Can-Am Maverick. Bumper bolts together in two sections with engineered HD brackets allowing us to ship a full size bumper without...
  13. 2014 Can-Am Maverick Xxc 4 $2k in Upgrades + 4yr Extended Warranty

    Maverick XXC
    2014 Maverick Xxc for Sale $2k in Upgrades+4yr Ext Warranty-$17,300 2014 Can Am Maverick Xxc 60" Version! Awesome machine! Over $2,000 in upgrades + $1,500 4yr. Extended Warranty. Has a no questions asked 4 year Extended Warranty that carries over to New Owner....asking $17,300 Excellent...
  14. NEW BAJA Series Front Bumper With Winch Mount

    TurnKey UTV
    TurnKey UTV Can-Am Maverick BAJA Series Front Bumper with integrated winch mount and skid plate. Our new Maverick bumper adds aggressive styling and extreme protection to the front of your vehicle. Like all our products our new Can-Am Maverick bumper is designed, tested and manufactured in the...
  15. NEW Maverick Under Hood Panels

    TurnKey UTV
    TurnKey UTV Can-Am Maverick Under Hood Panels. Our new Under Hood Panels help decrease engine temperatures by increasing air flow into the engine compartment. In addition to increased air flow they also add unique styling to your Can-Am Maverick setting you apart from the crowd. Like all our...
  16. NEW Maverick Under Bed Panels

    TurnKey UTV
    TurnKey UTV Can-Am Maverick Under Bed Panels. Our new Under Bed Panels increase air flow to the vehicles shocks and exhaust system. In addition to increased air flow they also add unique styling to your Can-Am Maverick setting you apart from the crowd. Like all our products our new Can-Am...
  17. NEW Front A-Arm Brace

    TurnKey UTV
    TurnKey UTV Can-Am Maverick Front A-Arm Brace. Our new Maverick A-Arm brace drastically increases the strength of the vehicles front control arm mounting points by evenly distributing suspension load. Brace will help prevent failure of the a-arm mounts attached to the vehicles frame. Like all...
  18. Maverick vs. Commander Drag Race (QSC'd Commander)

    Maverick Photos and Videos
    Check it out. Not too shabby for an 'ole Commander