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  1. FS/WTB - Mavericks
    I have a 2021 Can Am smart shox for sale. It has a Oregon total title on it due to bent cage when we bought it from Co Part. Several extras, windshield, tree kickers, door inserts,Led light bar, 5150 led whip lights and mounts. Blow off valve, catch can, fire extinguisher and billet mount. Car...
    $27,000 USD
  2. Member Introduction
    We just recently purchased a 28 qt Lifetime High Performance cooler and have been using ratchet straps to hold it in but we want something we don't have to undo/redo so what do you guys use? I have Googled and came up empty, all I can find is the mount for RZR which I'm sure we could make work...
  3. Maverick XRC
    what whips to go with? 51 whips or gorilla... or others?
  4. Engine and Drivetrain
    Okay so I just bought a 2019 can am maverick x3 1000 it is used but it only has 80 hours on it it’s like new I got it home and was riding it for the first time and was running fine then all of a sudden my rpm’s went up to like 4k and won’t go below that unless I slam on breaks while moving and I...
  5. Member Introduction
    So I just bought a 2013 can am maverick 1000. The fuel tank was full of water so I clean it out and put fresh gas in it. After a while I got it to run it idled for about 20 seconds then cut off I cannot get it to start at all but it will turn over please help
  6. Member Introduction
    Okay so, one day I decided to let my friend drive because he was begging me to drive. The next thing I know 10 minutes later, I see him flip and land on the other side. That caused the door frame to bend. I am asking you guys if you know if it would be possible to bend the frame bar of the door...
  7. Maverick Discussions
    Went looking for a Can Am Maverick die cast but only found a crappy Polaris XP. But wait, it comes with its own trailer and a big lifted white truck to tow it…. Basically my real life set up! Had to make this work somehow, took delivery and promptly heated up a razor and went to work customizing...
  8. Member Introduction
    hello, i have a 2014 xmr with air shocks. omg. i have spent all kinds of money and never seem to get the right parts. i am getting rid of the air shocks since i cant get the compressor to work right. i have got 2 front shocks that are regular (no air) and they are fine but i cant seem to find...
  9. Members Rides and Contests
    Did a weekend trip to Dumont dunes with the crew, been riding at this area for the last six years but just on dirt bikes. First time ever driving the Can-Am in the sand. Decided to try having the no paddle experience first since I’ve got enough freaking tires clogging up my shed lol and I have...
  10. Maverick Discussions
    Hey everyone, hopefully anyone can help me with this. Long story short, the front suspension on my Can am maverick sport max 2020 started leaking oil and making a loud clunking noise as if it were bottoming out, after some testing I found out that the noise the shock was making was not when it...
  11. Members Rides and Contests
    Got back from another successful Halloween camp out in Johnson Valley, or more specifically cougar buttes. This time there were a total of six side-by-side’s but I was the only Can-Am, surprisingly! Still getting used to this type of thing, coming off of a dirt biker program from the last 15...
  12. Member Introduction
    Hey now....I'm Landcrab Dan, new to this here page. Thanks for the membership! I'm enjoying my new to me 2019 XRC that rolled into my life about 2 weeks ago. I've been toying around with "upgrading" from my life behind bars aka Moto Life, to a SXS for years. Gotten to drive multiple versions of...
  13. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Has anyone added this LaRue Performance’s Can Am X3 alternator kit to their ride? If so is it working out for ya ? Seems more reasonably priced that ZRP
  14. Member Introduction
    My dad has a 2019 can am maverick x3 it’s has around 70hrs or so and it will get going and sound fine then once you get up to around 40mph it wouldn’t go any faster and the rpms would sky rocket like the belt come off then it would sound like the belt is slipping up and wee bought a new belt...
  15. Member Introduction
    You can basically apply this to most UTV’s or Side by Sides! Any questions feel free to ask here or in the video.
  16. Member Introduction
    So went out riding past weekend burned belt ended the ride. Replaced belt and was not able to shift into gears. Now I took the cover off to fid out i have a big groove in sheaves of primary one way bearing is done as well and missing two rollers in secundary. What do yall suggest in clutch...
  17. Maverick Discussions
    I have a beadlock wheel 15 inch, I need a valve for this I was wondering if it's a special valve or anything it needs or what size I have to get. Thanks.
  18. Maverick Discussions
    I am putting beadlock on and I wanted to know the correct tention on the beadlock, not sure how many nm, any help would be grateful. Thanks
  19. Member Introduction
    Hi i have been having an issue with my maverick. i got a check engine light and my buggy doesn’t accelerate like normally. It feels like there is a lot of resistance but the belt overheats as if I’m driving it rough. not sure why the acceleration is so slow I couldnt figure out the issue. I...
1-19 of 42 Results