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  1. Rear brake pad uneven wear

    Maverick X3
    My rear brakes have serious uneven wear on both inboard pads. The outside pads, at 1700 kms (1056 miles), have about 60%+ left. The inside pads on both sides are worn at an angle and down to nothing at the upper end. Dealer had never seen this before. (Maybe I asked the wrong guy) Anyone else...
  2. Brake Pad Alternative

    Maverick X3
    So my dealer says the factory brake pads are backordered till July sometime. Anybody use an alternative pad and have any luck?
  3. UTV Hardware Big Brake kit installed!!!!

    Maverick Photos and Videos
    HDRJoe (UTV Hardware) big brake kit is installed and works great!!!! Top notch machining and looks factory!! Great modulation and has NOOOOOO problem locking down 30" Mongrels on pavement, don't have to use much pedal at all, have tested them in hard offroad and worked great, MUCH better than...