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  1. Lithium Ion battery

    Maverick X3
    Anyone running a lithium ion battery in their X3? My original is about to take a dump, so I'm looking to replace/upgrade. I run a Shorai lithium ion in my old 2008 Kawasaki KFX450 and it's still going strong after several years. It can sit over a year without riding (after X3 purchase :)) and...
  2. Maverick Max Battery questions

    Maverick Discussions
    I have a maverick max (non x3) will a full size car battery fit in the stock location? I don't want to do a 2 battery setup, but my stereo system needs to be able to draw more power and the stock battery is trash for that. is there a battery that will fit the location in the Maverick Max, or am...
  3. exhaust cooking battery??

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    2015 Mav xrs less than a thousand miles.... it quit charging the battery, pulled battery and pulled caps...... dry as a popcorn fart. New battery in box on rear rack, still no charge. Tested wires from mag/charger 2 pair ok, 3rd pairing 0, pulled stator, one fried coil. I had meant to get...
  4. Have you added a second battery to your Maverick?

    Maverick Discussions
    Have you added a second battery to your Maverick? Did you put a battery isolation unit to protect your main battery? If which isolation unit did you install? Thanks, M