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  1. Off the Grid Expeditions Baja Trip

    Maverick Discussions
    I sort of hijacked another thread with this info so I thought I would post it here regarding our trip with Off the Grid Expeditions. We did the Tensor Tire Trip, which is 4 days and three nights. Meeting at the Tecate Border crossing, our group parked on the US side and drove our cars (16 in...
  2. 2018 X3 MAX Turbo RS - Skid Plates

    Maverick X3 Max
    I have a new 2018 X3 Max Turbo RS with Smartlock. We ran 400 miles of Baja 1000 course last week as its break in. The ride height came set from the factory at 11.5" and that was too low. We had 4 people in the car and with the heavily crowned race course roads we hit the skid plate a lot. So...
  3. Baja Spare Tire Storage Question???

    Maverick Accessories
    Hello folks! I'm new to the forum and new to a Maverick. Just upgraded from my old reliable 05 King Quad to a 13 Maverick XRS and so far I LOVE it! The previous owner was a forum member and took wonderful care of this machine and now I'm really excited to start adding more accessories. He...