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  1. Team FAS Motorsports
    For 2022 we are carrying the following Axle Options. Feel free to pm, email or give us a call and we can go over them and work you out a price on what fits your budget and machine.
  2. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey everyone, Thought I had a rear axle seal leak, tore everything apart to get at the seal and found the Oring was destroyed on the Axle. Its purpose is to seal crap out and keep grease on the splines where the axle goes into the rear gearcase. Looks like the spline grease just got warm on...
  3. Maverick X3 Max
    X3 Max front/rear axle fix Hey guys I need some help with trying to adjust my front and rear axles since they are not plunging in/out. I've been adjusting my shocks periodically to get the best ride on specific terrains etc and now all my axles are stiff with no movements. Any suggestions...
  4. Suspension
    hello I have a 2015 maverick 1000r 4 seater, my front axles keep breaking inside the diff. it seems to have to much travel for the axles. Is this a common issue and if so is there a way to fix the issue. Axles break at the tip before the c clip. Thank you in advance
  5. Team FAS Motorsports
    S3 TITAN AXLE SALE! This week we Teamed up with Dustin Henderson from S3 Powersports to provide a great Deal on the S3 Titan Axles. All Axles are in stock and include Free Shipping! These are the Axles they run on the Trail and on the S3 Race Winning Can Am Maverick! S3 Power Sports' TITAN...
  6. Engine and Drivetrain
    how do i get the front passenger diff axle seal out? it started to leak so i removed the axle to make sure the case was not damaged, all looks good there. has to be the seal right?
  7. Maverick Discussions
    Ok. So, like the title says, when I'm in 4wd only the right front tire is pulling up front. The rear is fine. It makes the thing inoperable in 4wd as you have to fight the steering like crazy all the time. It's got the QE front diff. The axle feels just fine to yank on it. Doesn't feel broken or...
1-7 of 7 Results