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  1. Aerocharger Turbo Kit 75% Off

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    Since our local baseball team is in the World Series we are offering a steal of a deal. You will need to visit one of our Facebook pages like our page, like the post and then share it. It's that simple!
  2. Aerocharger Can-Am Maverick Turbo: Big Info Thread

    Here's the detailed rundown with photos for Aerocharger's Can-Am Maverick turbo kit. THE AEROCHARGER CAN-AM MAVERICK TURBO SYSTEM AT A GLANCE: Price: $6000.00 for the Air to Air Intercooled Can-Am Maverick Turbo System. Turbo: Aerocharger 53 Series. Trim: 114 Compressor/ 250 Turbine. This...
  3. Aerocharger Maverick Turbo Kit install references

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    Alrighty, we've got the installation instructions and a video walk-through ready to go. This install is fairly intuitive for anyone familiar with these systems, but sometimes a few extra angles don't hurt in order to see how everything is routed. Feel free to check em out and see how this kit...
  4. Aerocharger Maverick Turbo Prototype

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    All right, you saw it here first - We wanted to have first look at the new Maverick Turbo System in development by Aerocharger: In this video, Brad, Calvin and Andrew demo a Can-Am Maverick with a prototype Aerocharger Turbo System, and talk a bit about the features and...