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  1. Maverick R Max
    I have a rattling sound coming from under the console, more beside the driver seat. I haven't pulled stuff apart before to see what all is under there. It would probably be on the front of the engine or the five shaft going to the front differential. Is this normal and what should I...
  2. Maverick Discussions
    Well i bit my tongue and bought a 2014 red and white maverick xxc. i got a few questions but before i ask ill clarify what ill be using it for. I will not be jumping it at all. I will not be mud running at all. Ill stick with the stock tire size. Ill be riding logging roads and trails...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hey, I've been reading almost every new post on here for the last few weeks, I just picked up a 2014 XMR I figured it was about time I signed up as a member. Anyone else from Calgary on here?
1-3 of 3 Results