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    LBR said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tmesic View Post
    It has to be either the battery cables not making a good connection and either end, I suspect ground side, or the battery is bad, my suspicion.

    I have jumped stated my old Maverick from a car before. I would find a way to try and jump start it from a box or car. You can also aid the ground side of the battery with a pair of jumper cables from the ground side of the battery to a ground point on the chassis.

    This is something very simple. Very unlikely the motor is seized from sitting. Tim
    Absolutely....hope the OP follows through with checking the other end of battery cables as post #2 suggested. A loose ground and/or some slight corrosion can wreak havoc as would a poor connection at the starter could.
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    Desertdog01 said:
    Before you go crazy just get a set of jumper cables and go from your negative and to the frame or engine get a good connection and if your batt is good it should start fine , on our heavy eq, dozer.scrapers they have a batt disconnect switch its basicaly a cut out switch on the negative cable they go bad I jump from the ground terminal to the frame they fire up and I know its a bad switch , its better to check the easy quick things before pulling stuff apart
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    jnadeau85 said:
    im thinking it is the battery too. Even tho i have it tested at napa and they said its good, i still think there is an issue with it. All the cables, connections and grounds look great plus the motor turns over with ease when I took the plugs out and turned the clutch. The machine looks brand new like it just came off the sales room floor so there is no corrosion or rust on it. It has 30 miles on it and has been garaged its whole life. Depending on when i get out of work tonight im going to try jump starting it with my truck instead of the booster pack. Or i might just go down to the dealer and purchase a new battery and try it. Like I said the starter solenoid/relay clicks once when I push the start button and once in a while it will make a whining noise.
    I tried hooking the battery pack directly to the power and ground cable at the battery but not connected to the battery to bypass the battery and see if that would work but it did the same thing.
    It has to be something minor because it ran when I parked it
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    MN Mav said:
    Any luck?
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    jnadeau85 said:
    no luck yet. I have tried jumping it from my truck. Both connecting the jumper cables to the battery and also by disconnecting the cables from the sxs battery and connecting the jumper cables directly to the sxs cables to by pass the battery to rule it out. still no start or anything. i connected a lead directly from the battery to the motor to insure that the motor is ground and still nothing. i bypassed the starter button and that didnt help.

    I am completely lost right now. I have bypassed everything i can think of and replaced the starter and relay with no luck. The battery was tested both at napa and with my load tester and the battery is good. I dont know what to try next. Would it be a fusible link maybe?

    im going to work on it some tonight and see if i can come up with anything else. if not i think its time to bring it to the dealer and have them look at it.
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    Bryceskidoo said:
    Use a multimeter ground on the starter or engine then try to crank the engine to see if you have voltage at the starter post.

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    jnadeau85 said:
    I have tested to see what the voltage is at the starter and its the same 8 volts that is going thru the relay. You can feel the starter want to turn but it doesnt have enough voltage. I also test for drop on the starter post at the post and on the casing and everything reads like it is suppose to. Even when i hooked my truck up to battery cables it would still draw around 8 volts and that was bypassing the sxs battery and having my truck running. Something is either pull a large draw or something in the ecm or other electronics is messed up. No matter what i hook up to the machine, it draws 8 volts. Meaning it will read 12.6+ volts and when i push the start button it drops to around 8 volts.
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    LBR said:
    Replace the + battery cable from the starter post out. That cable lug that attaches to the starter post possibly is corroded, but probably had a bad crimp from day one.

    The voltage drop to 8 volts signifys high resistance in the starting circuit.
    You have replaced the starter and relay with no change... let's assume they are OK.

    You have verified the negative continuity by the negative jumper cable from your truck battery to motor.

    It is highly unlikely you could have put the positive jumper cable from truck onto that dinky starter lug to bypass the + starter cable and have a good contact.....and you didn't mention doing such.... only using the other end of said cable.

    You stated the cables "looked good", but a bad crimp can't always be seen by eye .. only when a current load is applied will it rear it's ugly head.

    You're running out of options up to this point IMO. Good luck.
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    jnadeau85 said:
    this is a shot in the dark but worth asking. When i did the procedure to retrieve any codes on the dash it revealed a p0562 which is a low voltage code. Would that code put the ecu in a limp mode and not allow me to start it or something? Or could that be something with the voltage regulator that again is preventing me from starting it? If it could be the code, is there a way to clear it?

    LBR i will check all the cable connections and crimps today and see if i find anything. If i can't figure anything out this weekend then i am bringing it to the dealers this week because im tired or trying to figure this thing out haha
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    Desertdog01 said:
    This is a realy stupid question but you do have it in park or in neutral if in park rock the car so it locks in I scared my self a couple times because it wasn't locked in park with my tune it doesn't mater anymore but when new and before I realy knew about it I had a couple ohh crap moments
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