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  1. craigstumph's Avatar

    craigstumph said:
    I have Switch pros, Rugged, SSV, and the Mega mounts. PM on any of these items. I like the mount over the starter button with the Rugged Radio plate. These are all very creative mounting solutions.
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  2. LilguyX3's Avatar

    LilguyX3 said:
    Just ordered the mount I originally linked in my original post. Planning on mounting my Switch-Pros unit there. Based on the dimensions, it should mount right up and look factory...hopefully lol. Im also planning on relocating my factory battery to underneath my passenger seat. I will be upgrading to a odyssey 925 battery but I will still only be running a single battery setup. The factory bitterly location is where i will mount my Switch-Pros control unit as well as an auxiliary fuse box.

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